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The managers and experts in this company have a lot of experience in providing medical services as well as managing medical centers and also training and counseling health care centers.

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Temos Accreditation Process 
  • 2023/05/09

Temos Accreditation Process 

Temos is a German based company with the specialty in Medical Tourism Accreditation which has unique programs for organizations active in the field of health tourism.

International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition 2023
  • 2023/05/09

International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition 2023

organizing an international event is a great experience that we are honored to have experienced it Last year in collaboration with HTDC (Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries) during the first international private hospitals congress and exhibition (IPH 2022). Now it is time to collaborate and participate in the second IPH on July 2023

Healthcare facilities, it is time to move geographically to the patient
  • 2022/08/02

Healthcare facilities, it is time to move geographically to the patient

Many patients have long crossed national borders to go to nearby countries within the region in order to access medical care. This was the usual situation hundreds and even thousands of years before having political borders. Many countries has developed an easy system for people who are seeking treatment to enter these countries with less complicated procedures and multi-entry VISA to facilitate their journey for treatment.