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Quality in health care and globalization of health services: accreditation and regulatory oversight of medical tourism companies
  • 2020/09/08

Quality in health care and globalization of health services: accreditation and regulatory oversight of medical tourism companies

Patients are crossing national borders in search of affordable and timely health care. Many medical tourism companies are now involved in organizing cross-border health services. Despite the rapid expansion of the medical tourism industry, few standards exist to ensure that these businesses organize high-quality, competent international health care. Addressing the regulatory vacuum, 10 standards are proposed as a framework for regulating the medical tourism industry. Medical tourism companies should have to undergo accreditation review. Care should be arranged only at accredited international health-care facilities. Standards should be established to ensure that clients of medical tourism companies make informed choices. Continuity of care needs to become an integral feature of cross-border care. Restrictions should be placed on the use of waiver of liability forms by medical tourism companies. Medical tourism companies must ensure that they conform to relevant legislation governing privacy and confidentiality of patient information. Restrictions must be placed on the types of health services marketed by medical tourism companies. Representatives of medical tourism agencies should have to undergo training and certification. Medical travel insurance and medical complications insurance should be included in the health-care plans of patients traveling for care. To protect clients from financial losses, medical tourism companies should be mandated to contribute to compensation funds. Establishing high standards for the operation of medical tourism companies should reduce risks facing patients when they travel abroad for health care.

Mahshid Moeini Naeini
  • 2020/08/19

Mahshid Moeini Naeini

Mahshid Moeini Naeini

Essential Factors for a Successful Medical Tourism Business
  • 2020/08/08

Essential Factors for a Successful Medical Tourism Business

Tourism is a pioneer and diverse industry in the world. It is considered as one of the main sources of countries income. According to experts’ predictions, tourism will become the most profitable industry in the world by 2020. International growth, global competition and interests in tourism destinations have emerged the need of various types of tourism. Today, many countries with regards to the human beings need for health, have developed medical industry as a source of massive income in relation to tourism. Increasing 20% in admission of foreign patients in American hospitals confirms this matter. Medical tourism is a new type of tourism and an international and political-economic phenomenon, which is growing fast in the world, especially in Asian countries