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In a changing world, stopping in one place is the fastest way to get back. In order to penetrate in the international market, Think globally

Sarir Salamat Maham established in 2016 in the field of education and counseling in health and medical services as well as health tourism and based on the ability and professional competence of the team members, the CEO is the representative of the Temos International in the field of accreditation of medical tourism.
The company's goal is to create value for medical centers operating in the health tourism industry in order to have an effective and successful presence in international markets

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I am a 32 yr old female, and like all women are not entirely satisfied with their looks. Working in the beauty industry, visualised to be portrayed as the face of beauty. I had lack of inner beauty for myself and what concerned me most of all was structure and complexion of my nose. Already experience breathing problems and regularly use nasal decongestant spray. Openly talking about my issue to colleagues and was suggested that the best procedures for rhinoplasty is IRAN.
Mindboggoled, I began my research within one-month flights have been made, unfortunately, no surgeon, accommodation or grant of VISA. Time duration was six months. I came across a website Iranian Surgery Gate, useful application such as WhatsApp allowed me to ask questions, straight after I was directly speaking in English with the organiser of the company. Dr.Momeni answered all my question's regarding rhinoplasty, I lacked knowledge in such procedure and like we all do turned to social media.
Verbal consultation with Dr.Momeni allowed myself to understand fundamentals, structure and that social media exploits what you see is not what you receive.Dr.Momeni reassured me as I was out of my field, feeling uncertain and worried. I also opted to include a second surgery for breast augmentation. In Minimum time all was organised for me. as
Visa complications arose denied, one month before departure Dr.Momeni held my grant, where I also discovered DaricPay a company for money transfer, warmest regards for their work ethical nature and morals. Clear indication and useful apps made spending/transfer a breeze.
Arriving in Iran, especially with sanctions, i did not know what to expect. All suggestions that were described I followed and thank you for them! Car service gave me the ability to transport around Tehran shopping, hair wash, site seeing. I was able to visit historic places guided where I was not just a paying client but more like family. A country of love portraying beauty threw culture, food fantastic, historic sites profound, but best of all was my surgery. All anxiety left when I was able to visit my surgeon's language barrier was not even an issue, interpreter readily available all questions answered and the pieces came together, what I lacked understanding cleared within a moment. The best part was I did not even have to say the issue that concerned me and what shape I like, before I could speak all identified. I call this expertise, and understand that it does not come in an Instagram page.
Within ten days, I managed to receive two surgeries with care being above and beyond, site seeing, explore Tehran, shop, eat, explore nightlife culture and meet amazing people. Thank you, Dr.Momeni for your support in my trip catering to every need and every angle covered arrival to departure. Departing Australia in April 2020 during tension with America, I choose to go and would never change my decision. Tehran gave me confidence, ability to self-love and endless selfies of happiness.

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