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Temos and International Assistance Group Launch Cooperation

Working together to expand access to high-quality healthcare services for travelers. Global accreditation leader, Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TEMOS), announces the launch of its strategic collaboration with the International Assistance Group (IAG) providing access for IAG’s partners to the Temos accredited hospitals and clinics.

Working together to expand access to high-quality healthcare services for travelers.

Two leaders in international healthcare services will work together to offer high-quality clinical and patient experience services to IAG’s partners whenever access to trusted healthcare providers is needed. Temos accredited partners will be added to IAG’s service database to accept referrals to their hospitals and clinics.

According to Temos’ CEO, Dr. Claudia Mika, “Temos works hard on behalf of its accredited hospitals and clinics as well as their patients to add value to the members of the Temos family. With this agreement with IAG, Temos accredited partners can receive appropriate referrals from the IAG partner assistance companies for travelers who need medical care. It is an honor for Temos to be selected by IAG as a trustful supplier and for our accredited partners to be included in their network for healthcare providers”.

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The International Assistance Group is the world’s largest alliance of more than 140 independently owned assistance companies, services providers, and correspondents dedicated to cross-border collaboration on behalf of travelers and insurers. IAG’s more than 123 million end-users globally including business and leisure travelers as well as expatriates and corporations will have access to Temos accredited hospitals and clinics through the IAG Partner network.

Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder and CEO, Temos
“Assistance companies like IAG are increasingly looking to high-caliber accreditation services such as Temos to ensure that their partnersreceive excellent clinical care as well as a quality patient experience. Temos is the first international accreditation organization to create standards specifically for international patients, including tourists and business travelers with medical emergencies but also medical tourists, while its comprehensive accreditation programs benefit all patients, states Dr. Mika. “Our accredited providers brings these credentials to each patient they serve. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with IAG”.

Sarir Salamat Maham is proud to be an authorized regional representative for Temos in Iran. our team is ready to work with health care providers who value quality outcomes, patient safety, and an excellent patient experience.




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