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International accreditation and certification in medical tourism

International accreditation is one of the major criteria for assessing performance and quality of clinical and non clinical services in any medical center.

Accreditation degree of a medical centre directly mirrors the level of services offered there. In more simple words, accreditation can be defined as expert assessment of an organization used to review the functional level in compliance with set standards and to define the way of continuous quality of services.

Accreditation enables organizations to make a dynamic evaluation of main aspects of medical centre performance: from medical service quality to staff management system. This procedure aims at not just mere quality assessment itself, but also at finding ways of quality improvement.

Accreditation systems are designed in such a way as to provide objective data for external independent quality assessment and to demonstrate the way this organization management regulates the issues of medical service quality.

A model quality management scheme in any organization should guide a patient through all stages of medical aid, from monitoring healthy patients locally, through outpatient or in-patient treatment, to medical monitoring after checking out from the hospital. This model scheme is centred on a list of professional standards providing a systematic and comprehensive assessment of hospital activities. These standards include, apart from direct interaction of clinical staff with patients, also staff education and training, distribution of functions, clinic management principles and audit, research activity, ethical standards, etc.

Medical Tourism Accreditation

How would you determine the best of medical care? What parameters do you see to consider a hospital as first class?

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a tool, which determines the quality standard of a hospital by comparing it with the set standard of accreditation boards. It is a quality index for medical tourists or any other person, who wants know about the performance, policies, working conditions and services offered by a hospital situated abroad.


What does it mean?

Accreditation is an asset to the hospital. It is used as a marketing tool, to attract patients across international borders.

Following reasons demonstrate what accreditation of a hospital means to a patient:

- It makes the organization constantly improve its healthcare quality and adopt modern amenities, based on the findings and recommendations of the accreditation boards.

- It reduces the risks and errors in treatment and identifies shortcomings, as supervision and expertise at each level of the procedure increases in an accredited hospital.

- It supports customer centric policies, rules and methods that provide maximum satisfaction to the patient.

- It provides a systematic approach towards the working conditions of the hospital, amongst the clinical staff, members, and the professionals.

Why is it important?

Accreditation gives a patient access to review any hospital in the world, before deciding on the destination for a medical procedure. It enables a patient from any part of the world to view the different types of treatment that hospitals around the globe offer. It helps them in choosing the best hospitals in terms of the quality that they have to offer.

The most objective and prestigious method of assessing the quality and organizational level of medical service internationally, in the sphere of medical tourism in particular, is undoubtedly TEMOS International accreditation.

Based on this program, the auditors are looking for the evidence of supreme medical service quality, patient safety, application of correct treatment methods, and effective management at a medical centre. This is a highly sought-after accreditation, which automatically grants the possibility of gaining a global-level position and attracting hundreds of foreign patients.



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