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European Medical Tourism (EMT 2022)

EMT is an international event with the purpose of raising the economy of small and medium-sized companies by creating an internationally visible network worldwide.

European Medical Tourism (EMT 2022)

Sarir Salamat Maham as a HTI representative in Iran attended in European Medical Tourism (EMT 2022) which was organized by bookingMed company in Abano Terme, Northern Italy, (June 7-10, 2022).

Since 2016, this event has been organizing in order to create a business networking framework in which all companies related to health and health tourism can introduce their services and use the opportunities in this field.

Dr. Sasan Momeni, Chairman of Sarir Salamat Maham during the event and in VIP B2B meeting met CEO of BookingMed and talked about Iran potential capacities in medical and wellness tourism and negotiate with BookingMed expand the collaboration in the future.



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By: مهشید معینی

مهشید  معینی

کارشناس ارشد مدیریت بیمارستان مدیر عامل شرکت سریر سلامت مهام، نماینده شرکت تموس آلمان در ایران