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Hospital Branding panel discussion- IPH 2022

The IPH 2022 was a great opportunity to transfer international experiences and get acquainted with new technologies & trends in health care business. in this event, one specialized panel was defined to transfer knowledge & information about accreditation and insurance in healthcare and medical tourism.

Hospital Branding Panel Discussion 

During the International Private Hospitals congress & exhibition- IPH 2022 from 24-26 July in Tehran, Mrs. Anke Andrea Sponer, General Manager CSI CONSULTING & Publisher European HTI NEWS Magazine attended and had a great speech on the panel discussion “Hospitals Branding”. In this panel, Mrs. Anke Sponer spoke about the increasing demand for consumers looking for health tourism services around the world, and also about the main aspects of Branding and its importance in the hospitals in order to convince people to come to your hospital as a great destination.  

At this panel, the main concepts of hospital branding and the key drives to attracts international patients were discussed. Based on this panel, implementing marketing management process consists of evaluating conditions, determining goals, set strategies, select tactics and needs some infrastructures and features such as using multi-channel communication tools and stay interactive with the customers and try to figure out patient journey.



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By: مهشید معینی

مهشید  معینی

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