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International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition 2023

organizing an international event is a great experience that we are honored to have experienced it Last year in collaboration with HTDC (Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries) during the first international private hospitals congress and exhibition (IPH 2022). Now it is time to collaborate and participate in the second IPH on July 2023




International Private Hospitals Congress & Exhibition

Date: 16-18 July 2023

Venue: IRIB International Conference Center


It was a wonderful experience to participate in the next International Congress and Exhibition Private Hospitals (IPH 2023) that will be held from 16 to 18 July 2023 in Tehran, Iran.

This event, organized by the Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries (HTDC) in cooperation with international hospital associations, will bring together even more healthcare professionals from around the world. 

International Private and Public Hospital Congress and Exhibition (IPH 2023) contains the following programs:

Panel_discussions in 3 catagories:




By: مهشید معینی

مهشید  معینی

کارشناس ارشد مدیریت بیمارستان مدیر عامل شرکت سریر سلامت مهام، نماینده شرکت تموس آلمان در ایران