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Malaysia received the #1 ranking for the Best Healthcare in World category of the 2019 International Living Annual Global Retirement Index, thanks to a strong partnership between government agencies and private medical providers. Now MHTC approved Temos Accreditation Programs ant it is the new era in this country in Medical Tourism


Temos’ Accreditation Programs Approved by Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)

Temos’ IEEA accredited programs now available to Malaysian hospitals & clinics
26 October 2021: Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) is pleased to announce that the Board of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) has added Temos programs to its list of approved accreditation organizations, opening the door for Malaysian providers to access Temos’ 3-for-1 accreditation offer.

MHTC facilitates and promotes the healthcare travel industry of Malaysia by coordinating industry collaborations and building valuable public-private partnerships, at home and abroad. Its members are private hospitals and clinics that have demonstrated the highest quality of clinical and nonclinical services for domestic and international patients. To preserve high standards for Malaysia as a medical and dental tourism destination, MHTC regulates which international accreditation services are accepted for its members. Temos’ IEE accredited programs for hospitals and dental practices, clinics, and hospitals are now approved for its members to select.

According to Dr. Claudia Mika, Temos Founder and CEO, “Our long-standing excellent relationship with MHTC supports its approach to maintaining Malaysia as a high-quality destination for outstanding clinical and patient experience services. We look forward to working with Malaysian hospitals and clinics that want to pursue their journeys to continued improvement by joining with Temos. Our Regional office in Malaysia, led by Dr. Jillian Yeoh, is ready to work closely with MHTC members to deliver Temos’ excellent customer service and assist them along the accreditation path”.

MHTC members will be most interested in Temos’ “Excellence in Medical/Dental Tourism” accreditation programs for hospitals and dental providers. Successful completion of the “Excellence” program includes accreditation in its “Quality in Medical/Dental Care” – a 2-for-1 benefit. All Temos accredited hospitals and clinics receive an additional seal as a “Preferred Partner” of The Diplomatic Council, a potential 3-for-1 benefit.

A unique added value for all Temos accredited partners is participation in the Temos Alliance, a business development network of organizations to work with hospitals, clinics, and facilitators to grow their businesses and brands. A key member of the Temos Alliance is The Diplomatic Council. Accredited clients automatically an exclusive benefit and become “Preferred Providers” to The Diplomatic Council and their members. This service is provided free to charge to Temos clients who can then proudly display the Temos accreditation seal or seals plus the “Preferred Provider” seal.




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