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Temos International Accreditation in the insurance & accreditation panel discussion- IPH 2022

The IPH 2022 was a great opportunity to transfer international experiences and get acquainted with new technologies & trends in health care business. in this event, one specialized panel was defined to transfer knowledge & information about accreditation and insurance in healthcare and medical tourism.

Accreditation & Insurance Panel Discussion 

During the International Private Hospitals congress & exhibition- IPH 2022 from 24-26 July in Tehran, Dr. Claudia Mika CEO of Temos International Accreditation attended and had a great speech on the panel discussion “insurance & accreditation”. In this panel, Dr. Claudia Mika spoke about the benefits of hospital accreditation for international patient management.

In her speech, she focused on implementing specific standards for international patient management, because Standards are as tool for quality of clinical & nonclinical service improvement. Then she mentioned some challenges in international Patient management such as legal issues, cultural sensitivity, ethics and etc.

Afterwards, all medical centers have to show to their patients that they are safe in the hospital and also you have to show your commitment that this is an ongoing process. In this regard establishing accreditation is a tool to building trust in the customers perspective. Accreditation is the independent third-party inspection that check all areas in a clinic or hospital. Accreditation means checking documentation, processes, structures which strives to assure optimal care and adequate costs, to assure highest possible patient safety and to assure best patient experience.

The confirmation of high quality by accreditation is a never-ending story. Then the connection between assistance companies and hospitals was discussed due to the importance of insurance companies in healthcare.




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