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Accreditation in Medical tourism: a key differentiator for health care providers

Patient experience is one of the significant factors in medical tourism and a high-quality patient experience can positively impact both a patient’s wellbeing as well as a healthcare provider’s finances. For healthcare providers treating medical travelers, the patient experience is especially important due to its complexity and must be carefully managed both inside and outside the clinical setting. Medical travelers face unique challenges that impact the patient experience including language and cultural barriers and difficulties related to travel and orientation in a foreign environment.

Patient experience from TEMOS point of view

Temos is the first and only accreditation organization offering healthcare accreditation combined with international patient management. Its patient-centered process includes an assessment of the patient journey for domestic and international patients while addressing the needs of the growing numbers of culturally diverse patients. Temos delivers value to patients and providers by meeting and exceeding expectations.

Temos accreditation delivers patient-centered quality solutions for thriving organizations. With its established global reputation for leadership in patient safety, risk management, improved clinical outcomes, and an end-to-end superior patient experience, Temos clients reap the rewards of the highest accreditation standards available. These rewards create loyal clients and satisfied employees through organizational growth. As more people seek effective, patient-centered healthcare services, providers are compelled to improve the care they deliver to all patients. Temos accreditation offers a path to the care that patients deserve, and the high-quality services hospitals and clinics want to provide

Patient experience is one of the essential parts of Temos standards that differentiate it from other accreditation programs. It is considered as one of the sub-chapters of quality management standards in medical tourism.

Temos seeks to assure that the patient is actively engaged and that the organization is proactive in managing cultural sensitivities and communication at each touch point along this Medical Travel Care Continuum.  With a focus on the entire medical travel care continuum, patient experience and sustainable business practices – Temos seeks to provide both short term and long term value to our clients, whom we view as strategic partners.”

Additionally, Temos reviews business functions and processes related to medical travel. Because Temos focuses on the entire Medical Travel Care Continuum, those business functions within an organization that impact the medical travel program, such as marketing, finance, and technology are enhanced.



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