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10 firsts of Temos

First health care accreditation organization with dedicated chapter for "sustainability in health care", "patient experience", "patient safety" and "international patient regulations"

The first international accreditation organization in Germany with ISQua/IEEA accredited standards.

First health care accreditation organization with dedicated chapter for "sustainability in health care". Taking care of patients = taking care of the environment. And it makes good financial sense. It is Temos benefit.

First and only accredited body offering health care accreditation combined with international patient management and medical tourism.

First international accreditation organization offering specialized accreditation programs specially designed by experts for dental organizations, eye clinics, rehabilitation and reproductive care clinics.

First accreditation organization to develop an accreditation program for facilitators. Be the best in your industry.

First health care accreditation body having a dedicated chapter for "legal aspects in international patient's management". Protect your patients and your hospital or clinic. Understand your rights & obligations. Reduce problems.

First and only health care accreditation organization to have an exclusive partnership with Diplomatic Counsel and "DC proffered partner certification". Leverage this membership with consulates & embassies.

First accreditation organization owned by a woman- Dr. Claudia Mika, CEO, Founder, and the respected expert on quality in health care. Leading the Temos team to excellence & innovation.

First international health care accreditation organization with a dedicated chapter for "patient blood management", patient safety and risk management.

Temos Founder & CEO, Dr. Claudia Mika is the first and only woman awarded the "Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Award" for her achievements for the medical travel industry.



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