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an international accreditation, the key to enter to the international market in medical tourism

In order to entering to international market, medical providers must look for an international brand in the accreditation.


Accreditation, plays a key role in health tourism business

Accreditation is a systematic evaluation that evaluates all components of the hospital and in a cross-sectional study and analysis, analyzes and evaluates all the details of the organization. Assessment systems are typically designed to improve the quality of organizations.

Accreditation is not a test, but also a tool for the excellence and growth of an organization and a roadmap for running an organization, but these criteria are usually evaluated by an independent organization and feedback on reports that emerge from these results. The rest determine the path of each hospital to achieve quality and safety. Accreditation is equal to building trust, while the human being lives matters. Accreditation means a systematic assessment of medical centers in compliance with specific standards which focus on continuous quality improvement, patient centered, patient safety and personnel. Now, to enter in to the international market, the existence of national standards will not be adequate, because building the trust in international customers must be gained with an international tool, which means is no other than gaining international accreditation, because by obtaining accreditation, International patient before choosing a destination and entering the medical center Like a hotel, know what the hospital's reputation is. If we stay in a hotel, in a hospital we give our whole being to the center, so the patient has the right to know the hospital he or she is visiting. What is its credit rating?In fact, internation patients are looking for signs of trust in our medical centers, and accreditation is a good tool for building trust in this area.  The main purpose of accreditation is to improve the quality, safety and quality of patient care. In this way, not only the patient and the hospital staff will benefit, but also many other issues, including financial indicators, as well as the reputation of the medical center, will be improved.There are many factors affecting health tourism, the most important factors are:- Quality of treatment services- Physicians qualifications- Highly reputed physicians- Continuity in the treatment chain- Cultural sensitivity and respect the opinions of tourists- price 

The quality of service delivery as the most important factor in attracting health tourists includes both clinical and non-clinical aspects, and in both cases, having a accreditation is a proof of the desired level of quality services.

Now the question is that which accreditation body will be most effective in attracting international patients. In general, an organization that is approved by reputable international authorities and pays special attention to the management of international patients; all of these features are available in Temos accreditation programs. 



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