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expanding Iran Medical Tourism Market

Great opportunities for Medical Tourism Business owners to expand their services globally, By the collaboration between ESPA and Sarir Salamat Maham

About ESPA

European Spas Association

ESPA is an umbrella industry organization representing 20 European countries.
Our global objective is to promote spas and balneology in Europe and to take care that the natural remedies based on mineral water, landscape and climate are available to a great number of citizens and visitors as possible.

The European Spas are seeking to work together on matters of common interest in the field of spas and balneology. This requires a greater cooperation of the national and regional associations as well as the private sector on EU level.

The EUROPEAN SPAS ASSOCIATION (ESPA) is formed by members from 19 European countries, among them national and regional spas associations, health resorts and spa facilities. It is important and indeed the norm for just one European association to be the authorised representative of a sector vis-à-vis the European Commission and the European Parliament and to be involved in the relevant procedures. The principle of an association is “Unity is strength!” and therefore is ESPA taking up the challenge to fulfil the tasks that result from the opening of borders in Europe and the extension of the EU, to achieve the defined common aims of its members.

Who they are

European Spas was founded 1995 in Brussels as an umbrella Spa industry organization representing 20 countries in Europe with natural remedies. It is a non-profit and non-governmental association based on Belgian law (A.I.S.B.L.).  Our global objective is to promote spas, medical spas and balneology in Europe and to take care that the natural remedies based on mineral water, thermal water, peliods and climate will be available to a great number of citizens and visitors as possible.

What they do

Our lobby is focusing on recognition of local natural resources

Highlight the significant role of medical/health tourism in the overall healthcare

Promotion of quality spa services and education

Influence media partners in Spa Business

ESPA aims

A great network of contacts with policymakers as well as leading representatives of science and business -this goes to benefit above all our members

Promote prevention in health resorts and medical spas

Promote medical spas as the main partner for rehabilitation using added value by treatments with natural remedies

To develop programs for health and wellbeing products and strategies for prevention and rehabilitation for all living within Europe

To exchange of experience, best practice and know-howof innovative product development and promotion, medical and market researches and up-date information from all part of our business

To establish, promote and improve the standards in all spas and health resorts within Europe

To define and harmonize common training programs and to determine a professional structure for the European spa business industry

To establish a framework for collaborative marketing and stimulate spa research opportunities for ESPA member countries



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By: مهشید معینی

مهشید  معینی

کارشناس ارشد مدیریت بیمارستان مدیر عامل شرکت سریر سلامت مهام، نماینده شرکت تموس آلمان در ایران