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expanding Iran Medical Tourism Market

Great opportunities for Medical Tourism Business owners to expand their services globally, By the collaboration between HTI and Sarir Salamat Maham

About HTI

A network of top professionals and health tourism industry thought leaders from the private and public sector

HTI is the leading hub foe doing health travel and tourism business in Europe that brings together medical, Spa and wellness professionals, buyers, service providers, associations and destinations at events and projects supported by prominent European and global organizations. The vision of your health tourism industry partner expresses its commitment to provide excellent service to our clients and partners, since 2011, HTI enables global stakeholders to stay on top f the tends, to exchange and grow their knowledge and to establish profound industry network generating new business opportunities.

It represents a source of education and business intelligence, at the same time serving other industries complementary to travelling for care. The head office is based in Croatia, while all activities are carried out in close collaboration with HTI representatives in Germany, Italy, Russia, turkey, UAE, and GCC, Egypt, Iran, china and USA. Besides organizing health tourism events and exhibitions, HTI is focused on B2B meetings with buyers, leadership gathering, educational sessions and social networking, always keeping a personalized approach.




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By: مهشید معینی

مهشید  معینی

کارشناس ارشد مدیریت بیمارستان مدیر عامل شرکت سریر سلامت مهام، نماینده شرکت تموس آلمان در ایران