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"Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe"

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down for everyone but no sector has been delivered a bigger challenge than healthcare. Reliance on science, data, public health, and patient safety is at the forefront of efforts to contain this dangerous virus.
In response to this pandemic, Temos International Healthcare Accreditation has created its "Certificate of Compliance: COVID-19 Safe" program. Built on international best practices, global references & research, as well the experience of its team of experts, this "Certificate of Compliance" offers guidance to hospitals and clinics to clear away the confusion about what to do to maximize patient and staff safety in this COVID-19 environment.
Similar to Temos' accreditation programs, this "Certificate of Compliance" program offers:
  • Up-to-date standards
  • Simple online tools to track the organization's progress in fulfilling standards
  • An independent third-party review by expert assessors
  • Access to Temos' experts to answer COVID-19 questions
  • On-going, automatic updates to the standards
  • A free "Standards Only" option
  • And more

What to do to receive a free copy of the standards?

Register with the double-opt-in email process according to the usual European GDPR required process by using the registration form on our website.
Access your individual account and download your PDF copy.
Enjoy reading.

The standards are grouped in chapters. You also find a detailed list of references, explanatory notes and remarks.

What to do to apply for the Certification program?

In your individual account you find a short application form. Use this form or contact us at the HQ or the regional office to request a quotation.
Receive your quotation.
On Temos website you find the fee calculator.

Please note: Temos accredited partner will receive an exclusive 20% discount off the published program price.

Start the certification process by sending back the signed order.

How does it work?

This new certification program will be executed as a desktop assessment; all evidence has to be submitted online. Where applicable, interviews will be scheduled by conference call.

Details are explained in the standards’ introduction and we will schedule a conference call with all applicants when starting the process to guide you.

Sarir Salamat Maham as Temos regional office in Iran is proud to introduce this new program. for more information, please call us. 



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مهشید  معینی

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