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Presenting Temos in 2nd conference and exhibition on health tourism - Iran – Ardabil

The 2nd Confobition (Conference and Exhibition) on Health Tourism in ECO countries took place 18 to 20 June in Ardabil. It was as one of the most comprehensive international health tourism Confobition in the health tourism industry and the largest health tourism event of ECO countries.

The event had 4 main sections, including:

- B2G sessions with industry leaders and high level officials from ECO countries

- B2B meetings

- Health tourism exhibitions

- Workshop in partnership with Temos International and other national & International companies regarding International Accreditation and Service Quality in Health Tourism.

In this event, the Sarir Salamat Maham, Temos regional office in Iran, presented Temos services and embarked the it's added value during the exhibition, conference and B2B meetings.

The summit's section of the event has four accreditation panels in accreditation in health tourism, the development of health tourism clusters, branding and marketing, startups and facilitators of health tourism and cultural and developmental issues among ECO countries. In order to involve and increase the participants information about the importance of accreditation for the health tourism industry, one of the respected evaluators of the Temos, Dr. Andrea Sydow, gave a presentation about the Accreditation and pointing out the importance of quality management and compliance with the standards, the prerequisites, challenges and opportunities for Iranian health centers to establish international standards to enter in to the worldwide market.



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By: مهشید معینی

مهشید  معینی

کارشناس ارشد مدیریت بیمارستان مدیر عامل شرکت سریر سلامت مهام، نماینده شرکت تموس آلمان در ایران