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Why Temos?

To achieve excellence in international patient management for Temos certified partners through good governance, transparency, and continuous quality improvement, resulting in the best possible patient care and experience.

Hospitals and clinics that serve international patients seek international or national accreditation as a proxy for high quality clinical standards. The process is rigorous and can improve clinical care for all patients, domestic and international. What most accreditation programs do not offer is a review and assessment of patient services especially those needed by medical travelers. Temos offers accreditation that addresses the particular needs of healthcare providers who serve medical tourists.

The purpose of the Temos accreditation is to neutrally assess, evaluate and validate the quality of medical and non-medical services, to identify potential for improvements and to optimize medical quality as well as quality of services in the Applying Organization with the overall aim to assure continuum of care for patients. With regional offices spread around the world, the German-based Temos International serves providers and patients on six continents.


Since 2010, Temos has offered accreditation programs to hospitals and clinics as well as other medical centers and medical tourism facilitators. Its services are built on German-quality clinical standards, international best business and medical practices, and experience in healthcare and medical travel. 

Temos programs go yet one step farther by tailoring its accreditation programs to meet the specific clinical needs of the providers and international patients.

One size does not fit in and Temos’ accreditation programs personify the belief that accreditation programs should be designed to fit the needs of the provider and patients.

International accreditation programs can be extremely expensive and outside the reach of many excellent providers who cannot choose or pursue budget-breaking accreditation. With its focused and affordable accreditation programs, Temos reviews clinical and non-clinical standards that are focused primarily on international patients but those standards also benefit domestic patients.

It is a high-value, reasonably priced accreditation program that can return the investment in better quality care, reduced expenses, increased revenues, and, perhaps most importantly, satisfied and loyal patients and staff.



Our training programs, seminars, and workshops give an overview about the complete processing of the non-medical services before, during and after treatment in the own hospital and in cooperation with referrers from other countries in compliance with international ethical, medical and economical requirements.



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مهشید  معینی

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